Revolution @ Hunt Scholars

An Empowering Alternative Provision for Young People with Non Traditional Educational Needs

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Revolution Performing Arts Ltd work with Hunt Scholars to create “Revolution@ Hunt Scholars” – an exciting inclusive education provision rooted in performing arts and skills for education and life. Neurodiversity affirming and trauma informed approaches help create the correct environment for resilience to develop and for self esteem to grow. The whole person is seen and heard and a responsive bespoke package is built to help them move forward, identifying and overcoming individual challenges. Academic education works best when a person feels part of a community of shared values, feels their skills and contributions are important and their experiences validated. We are ready not just to support people on that initial pathway of becoming ready to learn and integrate into the wider community, but also to gently reintroduce skills acquisition across the curriculum, linking the person back to education in a way which feel relevant and attainable. 

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All elements of the sessions are child centered and there is no pressure to perform,
just to relax, enjoy and have a good time.