Drama Babes Party

Bringing the wonder of the magic carpet to your celebration. For up to 20 children – suitable for around 18 months to 5 years



  1. 1.5 hours in length
  2. As part of that – 45 minutes themed and structured entertainment including songs, puppet play and a magic carpet ride
  3. A window of time prior and post the adventure for children to free play – exploring and dressing up in various costumes, play with the props and have their face painted according to the theme
  4. One experienced RPA teacher to lead the session – increasing to two IF you book to have more than 15 children in attendance


We commonly offer drama babes parties around the following themes

  1. Pirate Adventure
  2. Super Safari
  3. Enchanted Forest

You are welcome to select from one of the above packages or we are also able to adapt the drama babes model to suit any theme of your choice (however obscure or specific!). We love a challenge!! We will aim to keep costs the same, however, from time to time, these specific requests may incur an extra charge depending on whether we need to purchase new props for the journey (but please don’t worry – it is always our aim to keep these costs at a minimum).

For other party options or prices click here or email us at parties@revolutionpa.co.uk