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The Rapport leaders met on Sunday for a brief catch up on all things e/o. I have now added to our plan and made the overall structure of the piece much more comprehensive. Logistically our biggest challenge will be our central character Ernold and him knowing what he is doing in the sessions that he doesn’t attend. My solution is to only have him in the non Rapport Central scenes that he is really needed in and to invite him closer to performance day to attend the sessions he is in. Are we still thinking Dan G for this Jim/Jade?

On the plan I have highlighted in blue the pieces I would like you to rehearse on the Rapport rehearsal day on jan 21st . Please plan for this. I am very happy to stay for that day if I can help? Georgia – I think you should also be there if you can (again TOIL!)

I have also highlighted in pink the scenes that I feel Ernold should appear in – can I suggest that to help with this I invite the actor playing Ernold to attend these sessions on the following dates (please can you let me know by Thurs if you are happy with this and I will speak to him) ….

Scene 2 and Scene 16 (Rapport South) – Jan 31st

Scene 5 and Scene 13 (RPA Act) – Jim shall I ask Dan to come to all RPA Act sessions after xmas so he can really learn this?

Scene 7 (RPA Street Malms) – he just walks across back so I think we can do this on the day

Scene 11 (RPA Street – louise) – as this involves all of your groups why don’t we invite all of them to come to the RPA Street Seniors Rodbourne session AND Dan on Jan 22nd – so you can try it with them altogether and still have a further week or so of rehearsals to iron out specific issues?

I have also outlined the set on the plan and attach images to help me explain. Is this all ok? I am afraid some of the images have uploaded upside down and some twice and I am on too many rugs to work out how to put that right so please forgive me and just look at those that relate to you!!!! This is tricky and I understand that so if it doesn’t make sense please ask. Please also allow time in your rehearsals to rehearse who will move each piece of set. I think it fair if each group move the set at the start of their piece to the position they want it in so please do look at the image of how the set looks before your scenes so you can choreograph this movement. If you want to take any of the set to any of your rehearsals that is possible just speak to me. I am happy to assist making this happen for you – I just can’t lift.

For rapport we can have the set at our rehearsal day….. PLEASE can I have some help getting it in the van? Jim if you would be happy to help with this I can ask my brother to help as well as he is great with the heavy stuff! Should we meet at office on morning of 21st Jan to do this?

Here is the plan – Extra Ordinary BIG BOY Show Plan.docx

Lastly I am very aware that once we get xmas out of the way this will come round fast – I would rather you produced shorter pieces that everyone is happy with than try and force out longer pieces and uncertainty

We also have the wonderful Mollie running the tech for this one. She will be in touch in the new year to check your tech requirements.

Many thanks and PLEASE do ask me questions!!!



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