A form for the first show of 2024! How exciting!

I know a lot of you wll have signed out for Christmas hols now – if that is the case please ignore this for now, I will send a reminder out in the new year. However, I know we all work on different schedules and just in case you’d like to get this done and dusted before the chaos of January I thought I’d send out the form now for you to complete at your leisure (but before January 14th please!).

As this show is at the Sundial Theatre which I am less familar with than the Arts Centre (but that seems wonderful), I would love us to assume nothing and get all info over to them as early as possible! Somethings that weren’t possible at the Wyvern/Arts Centre will be easy there and vice-versa. So bare this in mind and provide as much info as you can and ask all the questions! With that in mind though don’t worry about using the tech-lingo, if you want to just say “this piece starts as a sad moody dance on centre stage and then 1 minute into the song become a joyful celebration across the whole stage” we can work with that for creating some nice lighting for the piece. Or if you have very specific ideas, let’s hear them!

Thanks so much – I cannot wait to do another show with you all.

Take care over Christmas and New year.


Extra/Ordinary Technical Requirements Please complete this form with the technical requirements for your groups pieces for “Extra/Ordinary”. Where you have more than one group/performance, please complete a new form for each one (feel free to copy and paste info if applicable). If you want to make any changes or amendments to these requirements, or you have any questions, please email me (mollie.tuttle@gmail.com)

Please return this form BEFORE Sunday 14th January as the venue have requested technical info by the19th if possible. This will give me time to clarify any information with you and send over our requirements. If you have any issues or are unable to provide information by this date please let me know! This is super important as I only have a small number of days off to collate all information and it is easier for me to plan if I know to expect your response later, rather than to chase it up.

I have done a site visit to the Sundial Theatre having not worked their before myself so feel free to ask any questions about the space and what is possible and I’ll try and answer them or get the answers from their team.

A copy of your responses should be emailed to you on completion.


Ready to get involved?

All elements of the sessions are child centered and there is no pressure to perform,
just to relax, enjoy and have a good time.