Forever Friendship ASC/AN

Welcome to our Forever Friendship page.  Our class meets on the first Saturday of every month, 10.30 – 12.00 at The Church of Christ the Servant, Abbey Meads Village Centre,  Elstree Way, Abbey Meads, Swindon, SN25 4YX

We are a very friendly group for families of children with additional needs.  The children named the group ‘Forever Friendship’ and I believe it sums it up perfectly.  Children feel accepted, allowed to be, make friends and have great fun with their imaginations. There is coffee and tea available where you can grab a cuppa and share your experiences and support each other with other families. 

The sessions are created specifically for building social imagination and supporting children to move beyond literal understanding in baby steps.  The children share areas of special interest and develop questioning and responding skills.  We ‘play.  Matching skills to develop in autistic children.

I could explain it more, but I’ll leave it to the parents that come along:

‘A learning opportunity for those parents who are frightened of going out to have fun with their children”

“It’s just so easy, There is total acceptance”

“Don’t feel isolated”

“My child has improved socially, with their imagination and communication skills.  There is parent to parent support and the whole family is encouraged to come along.  Grandparents, parents, siblings and all children with or without needs”

“It was so difficult to find other parents who had girls on the autistic spectrum, until we came here”

“Don’t match your ideas of fun with other people’s ideas of fun”

“Free to express” – Jack Noel

“A technicolor dream coat of fun with song, brightness and laughter.  A great way to meet, greet and be yourself” Caroline & Paul Devlin

“Come and be prehistoric and a robot and a princess all in one hour”  Simon Hunt

“Breaking down the barriers of a child who is isolated or a family isolated by a child’s behaviours, building sibling understanding and giving opportunities to grow up socially and emotionally at a pace that suits your needs”  Ellie Hunt

“Quality family time.  The kids love it.  Autistic children seem to get on really well with each other and there’s such a nice time”  Frazer & Zoe McCormick

We often receive referrals via Aiming High.

Just £5 per child, regardless of need.  To sign up for our group, please click here.

Ready to get involved?

All elements of the sessions are child centered and there is no pressure to perform,
just to relax, enjoy and have a good time.