Well much excitement here in RPA HQ, we can finally announce the details for our Wyvern Show!  Some things are different to previous years, so grab a cuppa and here we go (in list form, for ease). Please read the whole email first, then if you have any questions, please do let me know and I can add it to our frequently asked questions…
Is my child performing?
This year we have made a decision to limit the ages of the children performing to Year 1’s and above.  I think such a huge venue, stage and auditorium for little ones in Nursery and Reception would be too scary for them and as you know, in RPA we nurture and encourage children, not scare them. Not to worry though, little ones will still learn all the choreography and perform in the assemblies and have their own performances with their peers.  Their first year (or so) should be seen as strengthening their resilience to get them ready for their big performance and there will be plenty of older ones to reassure them.  
So, if your child is Year 1 – Year 13, then, yes they are performing.
‘The Street’ performance enrolment
This time as we will have to turn away any new people enrolling for class and create a waiting list, we require all parents of young people intending to perform to complete a performance enrolment agreement by 15th February 2019.  It is called “Wyvern Show – The Street”.  RPA TV do not need to enrol as it is assumed that they will watch this performance which their film will be involved in. Just click on the following link to enrol your child for our Wyvern performance:
Anyone who has not completed their enrolment by 15th February, it will be assumed that your child does not wish to perform.  Or if you could, for our ease, so I don’t worry about your little one missing out, if you know you do not wish them to perform then please do let your teacher know or email the office at office@revolutionpa.co.uk.
The performance agreement will ask you to agree to the following:
  • I have read and understood ‘The Street’ email    
  • I agree to attend both the technical rehearsal on the evening of Monday 24th June 2019 and the performance on the evening of Tuesday 25th June. 
  • I agree to make every effort to attend every session between now and our June performance and not book in any social events or appointments during my session time to ensure we, as a team, are all prepared and reassured for our show.  
  • I agree to the £10 performance fee per child (not per class attended-as some children attend more than one class) being requested by direct debit.
  • I understand that audience tickets are limited to two per child performing until 31st March 2019 when any remaining tickets not already purchased will be released for general purchase. 
  • I will purchase and wear my RPA top at both the technical rehearsal and performance. 
When do you need us?

This time the performances are in the evenings.  We need you for two evenings:

  • Technical rehearsal Monday 24th June 2019 (preferably 4pm – 10pm).
  • Performance day Tuesday 25th June 2019 (preferably 4pm – 10pm)

Although we are aware that some young people don’t get home until a little later or as parents you may feel that your children are too young to perform. We are hoping for a possible 5pm start so everyone can be there. We are hoping to put our younger children at the beginning of the show if at all possible so if any children need to leave as it is too late for them (and they are very young then we will do our very best to arrange that).  All of the above is to be advised after our RPA Workshop Leaders Meeting 10th February 2019.

Where are we performing?

We are performing at The Wyvern Theatre, Theatre Square, Swindon, SN1 1QN.  There is a pay and display car park with disabled parking. 

What are we performing?

Our performance is called “The Street”.  See the image below. From now until the 10th February, our secondary school age group, Rapport along with highly acclaimed Director, Laura Barnes, are creating an entire play based on issues important to young people. Please rest assured we will stand by our age appropriateness guidelines.  After 10th February, every RPA session will be given a theme from a section of the play which will bring the entire performance to life. We will working on these performances in class. 

Who is performing when?

In previous years, we have split the RPA groups into two performances.  This year, the whole of RPA (Years 1 – 13) are performing together.

Ticket information

Tickets are limited to two per performer until 1st April when all remaining tickets will be released and can be freely purchased.  Tickets go on sale on 1st February for ‘Friends of the Wyvern’ and 6th February for general release. I have tried very hard to keep the costs right down and as close as possible to previous years.  The tickets are £13 plus a £1.50 booking fee that goes to the Wyvern. Concessions are £2 off the main price.  Tickets can be purchased via their website https://swindontheatres.co.uk/Online/tickets-revolution-performing-arts-swindon-2019 or visiting the box office in Theatre Square or by calling 01793 524481.  Sadly, I cannot reserve tickets for you, all purchases need to be directed through to the Wyvern Theatre Box Office. Please contact the Wyvern Theatre if you are a wheelchair user or require assistance and they will ensure your requirements are met.


Performance Fee

We ask every performer to pay a £10 performance fee to help with the costs of the performance. Any profits made from this performance will be used to fund RPA places for any child affected by domestic abuse.  We take referrals from Swindon Women’s Aid. For your convenience, we anticipate instructing the £10 performance fee to be taken by direct debit. If you do not enrol your child for the Wyvern performance, we will not request the £10 performance fee as we will assume they are not performing.

Costume requirements

Costume to perform is your RPA t shirt which you should already be wearing in class.  If you don’t have one, you can order one via our website.  Please don’t attempt to make up one of your own.  Your teacher may send an email home if the young people in their session agree that little added accessories may add to their performance piece.  The rest of your costume can be what ever you like on your lower half – express yourself – but no heels please (I don’t fancy a trip to A&E with a broken ankle!). Please don’t leave ordering your t shirt until the last minute otherwise my poor Printer (Your Logo in Cheney Manor, Swindon) will have heart failure!  

Please ensure you purchase the correct top for your class:

  • If you attend a RPA performing arts after school club, please purchase the short sleeved top of any colour you wish.
  • If you attend a single art form class (RPA Act/TV/Sing/Street/Dance) class, please purchase the correct top for your class.
  • If you attend St Francis Street Dance & Performing Arts, your top should be the long sleeved Street Dance top.  If you do still have a short sleeved top from a previous RPA class, this is fine for now, please replace as and when necessary.


Fancy a free ticket, get a backstage pass and share the experience with your child? We would love some parent helpers to come and help.  Don’t worry you won’t miss your child performing.

What if my child is nervous about performing?

We will never pressurize your child to perform as this is our RPA ethos.  If they are not sure, it is ok for them to go along with me all the way until they actually step on stage to perform and if they decide at the very last minute not to perform, it is ok.  Generally speaking, all the children want to perform.  However, I offer them the get out, just in case. In my whole 12 years, only one child has ever not performed…and that is ok.  I find reverse psychology works really well. Please still enrol your child to perform at the Wyvern so I can ensure they have a place.

What is not acceptable is if a child decides they can’t be bothered to come along on the day (unfortunately this has happened).  Shyness and lack of confidence I completely embrace.  Disrespect to fellow performers I do not accept.

Photographs and permissions

No photographs or video are allowed to be taken during the performance as we have children who are protected under child protection and safeguarding services.  We hope to have a professional photographer again who will take photographs for us but he is the only person certified to take photos as the photos come directly to me and I can police them.  Any photos taken will be freely available on social media or our website.  If you do NOT wish your child to be photographed, please let us know by return.  

Does my child need to bring a packed tea?

Yes, due to the timings of the technical rehearsals and performances, a packed tea will be required.  Do let me know of any allergies. Please try to avoid anything with peanuts in as we have young people with a peanut allergy. We have RPA staff on hand who are first aid, paediatric diabetic and epi pen trained.

Is there anything else I need to bring on the performance day?

Do bring something to keep your child entertained back stage.  Please do not bring anything of value as RPA cannot be held responsible for lost property.

My child is in Year 6.  Will they be doing anything additional on the performance day?

Yes, Year 6’s will be invited to join Rapport (our secondary school performers) in a joint performance piece in preparation for Year 6’s to try out/join Rapport in Year 7 (if they choose).  They will all receive a personal invitation from me in due course.  The dates for this joint performance piece are 6th, 13th & 20th June, 6.30 – 8.30 at Great Western Academy.

Where to find further information (website, teacher, office)

Please do take a look at our website first, it generally has the answers, or ask your teacher or lastly you can give us a call at the office on 01793 751399 or Fi’s mobile 07799 691328 then I can add your question to our frequently asked questions.

We are going to have the most amazing time! Be proud!  I soooooo am! Look how far we have come!!!!

Many thanks and kindest regards
Fiona Da Silva-Adams
Founder & Managing Director

Ready to get involved?

All elements of the sessions are child centered and there is no pressure to perform,
just to relax, enjoy and have a good time.