Revolution Singing Party

Enjoy creating a performance of a song of your choice with your friends. For up to 30 children aged 5-14 years


  1. 1.5 hours in length
  2. Party Games
  3. Spotlight moments – an opportunity for party goers to sing a song of their choice using backing music and microphone as a solo or duet
  4. The session will focus on one song of the hosts choice which will be taught and rehearsed with the group ready to be performed to an invited audience at the end of the session
  5. One experienced RPA teacher to lead the session – increasing to two IF you book to have more than 18 children in attendance

These parties most commonly feature a main song for group performance by one of the following artists

  1. One Direction
  2. Jess Glynne
  3. Little Mix
  4. Justin Bieber

We can work with any number of different songs for this main party piece. If you have a specific artist or song in mind, please do let us know!!

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