Skills for life 

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Why we are different

At RPA, we believe that all young people should have the chance to shine in their own individual way, without conforming to stereotypical norms.  All young people should be able to sing, dance, act, express, perform and feel fabulous because of their individual unique qualities and at RPA we encourage, facilitate and enable this. 

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School based 

RPA run after school clubs within schools to enable parents to extend their wraparound care and also offer an engaging, confidence building activity for young people with their school friends.  We are often used as a referral within schools to develop confidence skills which are then transferrable to class.  Sessions run directly after school and young people are directed or collected from class and taken to the hall so parent supervision is not required.  For your reassurance, Revolution Performing Arts is Ofsted registered.  Registration Number: 2648525   

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Where we can, we run whole school assemblies which not only boosts the young person’s self esteem but also raises their status amongst their peers.  Click here to see one of our whole school assemblies: 

Out of school settings 

Where RPA are not able to run within a local school, they provide twilight sessions in community centres in the local area.  They have the same format as an after school club but there is a further extension on building friendships.  Once young people reach the age of 7 or 8, they often wish to specialise in our Single Art Form classes – RPA Dance; Street Dance; Act and Musical Theatre.  Please email the office for further details. 

Why join RPA 


At RPA we inspire and encourage young people to be themselves and give them skills for life.  Performing Arts gives young people confidence and boosts their self esteem in a nurturing inclusive environment and without pressure.  All young people feel a little different, and at RPA we embrace their unique qualities, and help them build friendships to feel confident for their future life.  We believe there are too many pressures on young people in today’s society and performing arts is a perfect release.  Performing Arts should relieve pressure not add to it.   

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All elements of the sessions are child centered and there is no pressure to perform,
just to relax, enjoy and have a good time.