RPA is delighted to offer bespoke personalised parties for young people! All our parties are designed to embody the RPA ethos to nurture both the birthday boy or girl and their guests and offer empowering experiences for all the children who come. The best bit of all is we can meet your child’s specific requests to make it the exact party that they wish for whether that is learning a dance routine with their friends, becoming characters and going on an adventure, singing like their favourite star, creating their own make-up look with glitter or taking a ride on our magic carpet!

Parties We Offer:

Revolution Performing Arts Party – For up to 30 children

Includes: Party games, Opportunity to participate in ‘spotlight moments’ – children who wish can sing a song, dance, act, tell a joke!, Choreographed simple dance routine to a section of the birthday boy/girl’s favourite song, Face painting/glitter

RPA Dance Party – for up to 30 Children

Includes: Party games, Choreographed dance routine to a song of the birthday boy/girl’s choice to be performed at the end of the session to their chosen audience, Face painting/glitter.

RPA Drama Party – For Up to 30 Children

Includes: Interactive and fast paced drama games around the chosen theme, In groups the party go-ers will create and perform their own piece to be shared to their chosen audience at the end of the session.

RPA Sing Party – For up to 30 Children

Includes: Party Games, Spotlight moments – an opportunity for party goers to sing a song of their choice using backing music and microphone as a solo or duet, The session will focus on one song of the hosts choice which will be taught and rehearsed with the group ready to be performed to an invited audience at the end of the session.

Pricing, Numbers & Logistics:

Each party is for up to 30 children. Up to 15 children will have one leader and 16-30 children requires two leaders.

Prices are as follows:

1.5 Hours – Up to 15 Children – 1 leader = £150

2 hours – Up to 15 Children – 1 Leader = £175

1.5 hours – 15+ Children – 2 leaders = £200

2 hours – 15+ Children – 2 Leaders = £250

With regards to party venues, we ask that the parent/guardian finds the venue for the party and books/hires it. Any struggles with this let us know and we will suggest venues we know are suitable!

How To Book:

Any questions please email georgia@revolutionpa.co.uk or call 01793 792983

Ready to get involved?

All elements of the sessions are child centered and there is no pressure to perform,
just to relax, enjoy and have a good time.