👏👏 AMAZING REVIEW from Matt Holland, Director of Swindon Spring Festival of Literature & the Arts…

‘Everybody’ was terrific, as were all the young people in it.

It’s a long time since I have seen a performance by young folk with so much sincerity, authenticity, honesty, and freedom, to express themselves (as distinct from an adult’s idea of themselves). There was something both raw and real about this event, in which everyone had turned their difficulties, sadness, frustration, alienation, longings, hopes, and dreams into art, into a revolutionary performance!

It was moving, it was enthralling, it was disturbing (rightly so), it was beautiful, and it was a joy! It was doing many of the things the arts are meant to do: to lament, to explain, and to rejoice. Life is a tricky business and, in acknowledging that fact, they were dealing with it, addressing things, and coming out victorious, or at least the better for it.

Am very pleased I was able to come and see ‘Everybody’.

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