Thank you so much for confirming that your young person is going to take part in our performance “Actually I Can”. 

We are having a wonderful and creative time in sessions pulling these pieces together. As I am sure you can appreciate when we are working on a performance it is so important that the young people involved fully commit to being at our rehearsal sessions. While we never ever want to put pressure on any young person to perform what we do encourage is commitment and a willingness to support the rest of their group. With this in mind please can I ask you to ensure that between now and the show date on March 10th they attend each of their sessions. 

If illness strikes and they cannot be there we do understand but, we want you to know that this may impact their involvement in aspects of the show – we can’t rehearse their sections if they are not there. This is all meant with love, kindness and understanding. Communication is key and we would encourage you to let us know if they are not coming and if they need any extra reassurance to support them if they are getting anxious about the performance. Please note our final sessions before Christmas were last week and that we return w.c. January 8th and would like to see them at all sessions between now and the show.

Please also remember that we have additional rehearsals for the shows on the following dates and times….

  • Level Up Dance – 14th Jan – Croft Primary School 1-6.30pm
  • Level Up Theatre Company – 28th Jan – Croft Primary School 1-6pm

It is essential that they attend this as well.

Tickets for the show can be purchased here and please do note that on the day of the performance each young person will be required to be at the venue throughout the day – more details on timings to follow.


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