We are on the look out for chaperones to help us out with Extra/Ordinary!

You would need to be available all day and evening on February 3rd and willing to stay with a group of young people while they are backstage during tech, dress and performance. We would probably also ask that you accompany them outside for a breath of fresh air at some point during the day (but not off site of the venue). 

We would make a point of ensuring you were with your young person so you could come to the auditorium to see them when they are performing. This would mean you would not need to purchase a ticket to see the performance and would be doing us a huge favour!!! 

We would need to ask that you commit to the whole day and are available for a prep meeting over Teams a few days before in the evening just to run through logistics.  We would also prefer to use people who already hold an enhanced DBS and have experience of working with young people. However, we can apply for a DBS for you if that is required. We would be very grateful if you could give up your time to help!

if you are able to help please can you respond to this by January 4th .

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