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Hope you are all managing to keep warm!! I am emailing with details of costume requirements for Extra/Ordinary. As with all of our shows we try to keep this as simple and affordable as possible as ask that you speak to us before you spend lots of money on any costumes. Maybe we can help with sourcing particular items!

Costume requirements are as follows (please scroll down to find the classes your young person attends):

Malmesbury Rapport

Conscientious Objectors piece

The Dancers in all black – preferably black leggings or joggers and a plain black/dark coloured top.

The characters to be dressed as who they are. For example, if they are a conscientious objector, they could be in trousers and a buttoned up shirt with black shoes or boots (if they have a  hat they can wear this, and their hair to be all tied back as they would be males and in the army).

If they were the wife of a CO, they could be in a dress/skirt and top with an apron over the top, or smart skirt and top with a blazer over (so either looking smart, or as a typical housewife).

The Café piece

I would like them dressed as their characters for this piece – we can discuss this as a group this week which characters may wear what 😊

Rapport Central

The Office piece (Jade leading)

I would suggest business wear – so shirts / smart tops, trousers, skirts, ties – anything they decide makes them look like they are within an office. If they have a specific character think about what they might be wearing or carrying (briefcase, laptop bag, notebook)

Boss on holiday piece (Jim leading) – 

Boss (SK)- smart business attire, shirt/ tie/ trousers etc

Giles (SB) – smart business. I’ll bring a waistcoat as I want to differentiate between her and other workers.

Workers: I would love to have high vis jackets over the top of smart. If each young person can source one that would be ideal- Jim and Laura have a few if needed

Rapport South

For exam hall: school uniform – black trousers, shirts, ties and blazers. If wearing a skirt, please check they can move in it! Ideally we’d modify uniform based on character stereotypes but we can discuss thi in our sessions and young people can decide.

For pay it forward: black/grey casual clothes: jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, leggins etc. Need to wear shoes but keep them simple: black/grey (ideally not bright white).  An additional coat may need to be brought with them but the young people will discuss with Becca and decide in sessions.


for Act – teddy bear

Teenagers: white school shirt, tie, trousers

Mum (RS) : dressing gown (I have one if can’t source)

Dad (R) : smart business, shirt/ tie/ trousers etc.

Jim will discuss this further this week

for Act- lift

Dad (R- recurring from Teddy bear scene, so same costume )

Individual quirky characters: we will work on Thursday and decide appropriate costume. But will be based on ‘office attire’ with a few unique things.

RPA Street South, RPA Street Seniors and Juniors Rodbourne (Swindon classes with Louise)

Piece 1:  work attire type clothes – perhaps shirt, tie and  black leggings?  Or black joggers also fine.  Something they can still move in basically but looks like they’re heading to work, whatever that work looks like for them. 

Could have some tourists on the commute also so if they don’t feel like they have anything suitable for “work”  they can stick with casual.  Trainers for dancing in though would be best.  

Piece 2: comfy casual clothes and trainers.  T-shirt, cargo pants or joggers?? Not all black though. Something a bit more colorful if possible.

RPA Musical Theatre and Malmesbury Street Dance class

Please wear your RPA uniform and comfortable and appropriate clothes on the bottom half.

You will also receive an email shortly with detailed logistics for the day. Please keep an eye out for this. Tickets can still be purchased for the event here. Thank you to everyone who has offered to chaperone – please remember that you do not need to book a ticket for yourselves if you are doing this and we will send further details on this shortly. Any questions please, please do let us know or if easier – speak directly to session leader

Many thanks,

Laura and Georgia ❤️


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