Information for our Matilda Trip 7th July 2013.    We have AIR CONDITIONING for Sunday…phew! Coach departs 11.00am.  The coach will meet us behind Asda Walmart,  where the bus stops are near Boots, North Swindon Library, Taylors Estate Agents and DW Sports.  The postcode is SN25 4AN.  Please do not be late.  We cannot wait for latecomers.  If you miss the coach, refunds will not be issued. Sorry to mention this, I just need to cover all the bases. The show starts at 3pm.  We will be arriving one hour beforehand.  Ellisons like to ensure we have plenty of time to get to the performance so there is no chance of missing it. If the traffic is on our side and we arrive really early, we might have a little picnic in the park to keep ourselves cool in the shade. Don’t worry, we will keep hold of your little ones. I wont let them out of my sight!  The show lasts 2 hours 40 mins, so even though we aim to return at 8.30pm, I think we may well be home early. So please keep an eye on your text messages.  If  the time is any different we will send you a text. We are travelling with Ellisons (please look out for the coach) and there will be a toilet on board.

I will be taking photos on the day and I would like to post them on the RPA Facebook page and Twitter throughout the day.  If you would rather not have your child’s photograph taken then please do let me know. There will be 6 children per helper, who are all CRB checked.  They are all parent helpers and also happen to work with children in their careers! I will have my mobile phone with me all day 07799 691328.  If you can’t get hold of me then please contact Paul on 07722 054528.

Please bring a packed lunch, a packed tea and snacks all in clearly labelled separate bags –   “Name” & “Lunch”, “Name” & “Tea”, “Name” & “Snacks”.  I will collect lunches and teas in two big crates and put them all together.  Please bring a small named rucksack to put your snacks and drinks in. Please bring a water bottle. You may want to bring more than one. Preferably disposable bottles.

Please leave all valuables including electronics and mobile phones at home as I cannot be held responsible for them.

If you want to purchase a programme (£4) or ice cream (£3 or £4) in the interval then you may wish to bring some money with you.  Please do not bring anymore than £10.

If your child requires any medication, please give to me in a labelled bag/envelope on the day. This includes inhalers, return travel sickness tablets, etc.  Please also include a  letter from you as a parent giving me permission to administer the medicine.

Please wear your RPA t shirt if you have one.  It will help with identification. We are also in the process of arranging RPA hoodies.  If you would like to purchase one in time for the trip, please do let me know. They will cost £20 for a child’s standard size hoodie (aged 4 – 11 years) and £25.00  for a child’s larger size hoodie (aged 12+ years due to VAT). You will be the first children to have them apart from my two babies.  You may also want to bring a waterproof jacket.

I will try to keep you posted with regular updates but if you can keep coming back to this page to see if there are any updates, you will hear it first hand and as soon as I know.

We do have a waiting list to organise a second Matilda trip in case you missed out on this one. So excited for our first ever trip!  This is just the beginning…

Please do contact me if you have any questions.

All the best

Fi xxx

Mob:  07799 691328



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  1. Jo Farrell avatar
    Jo Farrell

    Hello Fi and Paul, Jade would love go on the Matilda Trip, can I pay over the two dates, many thanks Jo xx

  2. Fiona Carr avatar
    Fiona Carr

    Hi Fi and Paul, Holly would like to go on the trip too and I will pay over the two dates mentioned in the newsletter. If you need any other information to confirm her place, please let me know.

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