We are so excited to announce our next RPA Rapport CIC production will be ‘The Terrible Infants!’

‘Naughty children, an invisible boy,

A girl telling tales and broken toys.

Step into the world of Les Enfants Terribles with their award winning show ‘The Terrible Infants’. 

Mischievous children do not listen,

Running wild, their only mission.

This delectably dark, succulently sinister, wonderfully woeful, collection of cautionary curiosities is performed in a comedic but dangerously maddening manner. 

Run wild in this world of wonder, 

Be transported as we follow 6 individuals in their journeys.

Enjoy the mishaps and shenanigans of this unfortunate few. 

But remember… 

Careful what you wish for,

 It might just come true.’

Here at RPA Rapport CIC we are all working so hard to make this a truly amazing performance and our young people are involved in every part of this process, from the actors & the set design to the tech & stage management! They are all so inspirational in their commitment to this performance and we really hope you come along to see it.

The performance dates are November 21st to 23rd at The Arts Centre, Swindon, and tickets can be purchased using this link: https://swindontheatres.co.uk/Online/tickets-rpa-rapport-cic-swindon-2021

Please see the attached poster for further information. It really is going to be a visual and musical feast and we would love to see you there!


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